SWC Photo & Digital

Studio Policies


Studio Use Hours (Outside Of Class):


If you have been approved for access to the studio, you can request studio use at the following times:

Spring 2017







8:10 am - 11:35 am (lab)

1:20 pm - 4:45 pm (lab)

3:15 am - 6:40 pm (lab)

8:00 am -12:00 pm (Call 619-421-6700 ext. 5317 if doors are locked).

12:00 pm - 3:25pm (lab)

Printable Handout (PDF)

Studio Policy Agreement Form

SWC Studio Model Release

SWC Studio Agency Model Release


SWC Photo Studio Policies


Students enrolled in Art 206, 207, 210, 211, 213, and 216 can use the studio if they have studio access sheets on file.  Each individual studio session request must be approved and initialed by one of the following: Micajah Truitt, John Pickelle, Craig Hill, or lab instructor.  Anyone not enrolled in the above classes must request special permission from Micajah Truitt or John Pickelle.


User manuals and information about the equipment in this studio are available at:



Studio Rules (The Big Three):


Rule #1:  When in doubt, ask!  If you do not know how to use something,

                then ask the instructor, Craig Hill, or Student



Rule #2:  If you find anything not working properly, then report it



Rule #3:  Only use the equipment you have been given permission to



Access & Equipment Restrictions:

4. The department keeps “Studio Access Sheets” on each student.  As instructors watch a student properly handle equipment in class, they will initial and date next to a specific item of equipment.  This will grant the student access to that equipment outside of regular class time.

5. When a student signs in to use the studio outside of class, the person managing the lab or “The Cage” will check this binder to see if the student has access.



6. You must read these policies and sign the Studio Policy Agreement Form before you may use the studio outside of regular class time.

7. While using the studio, you must leave your SWC ID with the 572 attendant or instructor on duty.

8. Models must leave their SWC ID or government issued ID with the 572 attendant or instructor on duty.

9. Sign in, list the gear being used, and sign out on the STUDIO SIGN IN SHEET.

10.   Leave the studio clean and organized when you are done.  Return equipment to it’s proper location.

11.   The studio is not a storage space.  Take your props and possessions with you.

12.   Report all damaged or non-working equipment to the instructor and lab tech.

13.   Do not prop open the double doors in Studio Bay A.  No one is allowed to enter through the double doors in Studio Bay A.

14.   Check the equipment before you start.

15.   No commercial (for pay) shooting is allowed.

16.   We do not lock the studio when it is occupied.

17.   Start clean up at least 30 minutes prior to the end of your session.


Backgrounds / Cove:

18.   Do NOT walk on the cove for any reason.

19.   Do NOT walk on the backdrops with street shoes or dirty shoes.  Any shoes to be  worn on a backdrop must be clean and approved by the instructor or intern on duty.

20.   Use only as much background paper as you need.

21.   Background paper must be cut with supervision from an instructor or intern.



22.   All strobes and studio lights need to be turned off when not in use.

23.   The strobes are clearly labeled by Bay.  Do not mix up the equipment.

24.   Unplug the cords to the strobes by holding the connector, NOT the cord.

25.   Properly coil the cords and use the Velcro straps attached to the cords.

26.   Replace strobe caps only after lights are fully cooled. Do not touch the bulbs.


Hot Lights or Continuous Lights

27. Hot Lights are Hot.  Grabbing a light to adjust it after it has been on for a few minutes will be a painful mistake.  Handle them only by the appropriate handle or shield or with gloves and allow them to cool down before putting them away or putting anything that might melt next to or on them.

28. Do not use more than 1,500 watts of light in any one floor or wall outlet.


Light Modifiers & Related Equipment:

29.   Softboxes and Scrims must be assembled or taken apart with supervision from the instructor, intern, lab tech, or student worker unless you have been approved to do this on your own.



30.  The Lighting Boom is the most dangerous piece of equipment in the room.  Two trained and approved people must be present to operate the boom.


Accessing Items In The Studio Storage Cabinet Using Ladder or Step Ladder:

31.  Be careful when using the ladder or stepladder.  Make sure the ladder is setup correctly with the brace bars fully extended and locked into place.


Dressing Room:

32.  Students are responsible for the cleanliness of the dressing room.

33.  We do not lock the dressing room during session.  We are not responsible for personal belongings in the room.  Use the sign on the door when changing.  Models from all 3 Bays share this room and need to be considerate of each other.



34.  All Models must check in with the Instructor on duty.

35.  Models must fill out a Model Release Form.

36.  Minors must have their guardian fill out a Minor Model Release Form, and be approved prior to the studio session.

37.  Students are responsible for any equipment / property abused or broken by models.


No Guests Allowed:

38.  Only students approved for that session and their models are allowed in the studio.


Studio Reservations (Outside of Regular Class Time, Including Lab):

39.  Studio Request Sheets are available for viewing on the wall next to the 572 window on clipboards.  There is one for each Studio Bay (A, B, C).  You can only sign up for a studio session in the presence of an instructor, lab instructor, or Carlos Richardson.  An instructor or Craig Hill must initial next to your name for your studio session reservation to be guaranteed.

40.  Only sign up for the studio if you know you will use it.

46.  Print your full name in the time slot you desire on the Studio Request sheet.

47.  If the #1 spots are full on the session you want to sign up for, you can sign up as a “stand by”.  If the person ahead of you cancels, you will be contacted to move up and have the session.  Once you have the session, you are responsible for canceling if you no longer plan to use the session.

41. Cancel if you know you cannot make the time slot that you signed up for.  Cancelations

must be done at least 24 hours in advance of the start of the reservation time slot by either phone or email:


Room 572 phone: 619-421-6700 ext. 5317 or Craig Hill’s Email: chill@swccd.edu.


42.  If your cancelation is not done in time, then you will be documented as having a “False

 Reservation”.  If you make two “False Reservations” during a semester, you will loose

 the ability to sign up for the studio outside of class for the remainder of the semester.

43.  Outside of regular class time, students can sign-up for a max of 1 studio session per

 studio related class per week. A studio session consists of one block of time shown on

 the request sheet.  The Photo Program will lower this amount of time if the demand for the studio is high.  Typically this situation occurs at the end of the semester.

44.  The time slot includes set-up and cleanup time, as well as file transferring.

45. Start cleanup 30 minutes before the end of your session.  There is no additional shooting during this time.

46.  You can only sign up for one Bay at a time during the session.  Requests for using

 multiple bays at a single time must be directly asked to Micajah Truitt or John Pickelle.

48.  Students have 15 minutes to show up for their scheduled session.  After 15 minutes,

 you forfeit your scheduled time and other students may utilize that time slot.




Questions about  SWC Photo & Digital Program?

Contact mtruitt@swccd.edu or jpickelle@swccd.edu