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Spring 2021 General Information


Enrolled Lab Times:


The lab is online for Spring 2021.


Tues, 1:20pm - 4:55pm

Starts 2/9, Ends 5/18


Fri, 12:00pm - 4:15pm

Starts 2/19, Ends 5/14


Equipment Checkout Times:

Parking Lot H


Click here for the details.  Checkout times are limited for Spring 2021.



Spring 2021 Holidays:


9/4                   Labor Day

11/11                Veteran's Day



We teach digital photography, digital imaging, and darkroom photography.  We offer an Associates Degree and a Certificate of Professional Photography.  Check out the Resource link at the top of this page where you will find downloadable documents and online tutorial videos to help with both our classes.

Questions about  SWC Photo & Digital Program?

Contact mtruitt@swccd.edu or jpickelle@swccd.edu

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