SWC Photo & Digital

Equipment Checkout


Off-Campus Equipment Checkout “Pick-Up” Hours:


If approved, your equipment will be ready at the time you selected on the request form.


Day Classes:


M     8:00 am -  4:00 pm

T      8:00 am -  4:00 pm

W     8:00 am -  5:00 pm

TH    8:00 am -  3:00 pm

F      8:00 am -  12:00 pm


Evening Classes:

Unless you selected a time earlier in the day, your equipment will be in the classroom when you arrive at the start of your evening class.

You need your Student ID to pickup equipment!


In Order To Get Permission to Checkout equipment....













Checkout Equipment Location:


Certain equipment is available for check-out for short periods related to course assignments. These items are found in room 572 “The Cage”.


General Equipment Checkout Policies:




  • Only students enrolled in SWC Photography and Digital classes may checkout equipment.
  • Anyone else needs to talk to Micajah Truitt, John Pickelle, or Craig Hill, our Photography Lab Technician.
  • Only students in good standing may checkout equipment.




  • See the hours listed on the top of the page.
  • Checkout equipment is available for one week at a time.  For example, if a student checks out equipment on Monday, it MUST be returned on the following Monday by the start of class.  Equipment is always due back at the start of your class period on the due date.
  • Requests can be submitted up to 48 hours in advance of the start of your class on the request date.  Any requests submitted before this will be denied.
  • Only submit a request if you know that you want the equipment on that date.  Each request requires time from the staff, and limits valuable resources for other students.  If you do not pick up the equipment you requested at the time you selected, then you are charged with a false request.  If you are on record as submitting two false requests within the same semester, your checkout privileges will be suspended for the remainder of the semester.



  • Certain equipment is class specific.  Please see the related document called Checkout Equipment: Class Specific Items for more information.
  • Certain equipment requires prior approval.  This includes the portable lighting equipment for advanced photography classes.  You must arrange a time with your instructor or Craig Hill in order to demonstrate proper hands on operation of the equipment.  A list of approved students for specific equipment is kept in room 572.  If you are not on the list, then you do not have access to the equipment.  Most of this equipment is specific to Art 207, 210, & 211 students.


What is a New Request?


Use this type of request when you are initially asking for an item.  In other words, you do not currently have the piece of equipment in your possession.


What is a Re-checkout?  How do I do it?


  • Use this type of request when you have previously checked out a piece of equipment, it is still in your possession, and you want to extend your current checkout agreement by one additional week.  You may only do Re-checkouts for one additional week at a time.
  • Re-checkouts are not guaranteed.  You still need to bring in your equipment and show it to the Photography Lab technician or student worker before it is due.  For evening classes, you will show it to your class instructor.  Otherwise the item will be considered late.  If there are more requests than equipment available, then the request will be denied, and the equipment will go to the next person on the waiting list.
  • All Re-checkout requests are done with the same online form as the new requests.  You simply choose “Re-checkout” at the top of the form.
  • For example, let’s say I did a new request for a digital SLR camera on Monday for my MW Art 205 class that starts at noon.  Now it’s 8:00am on the following Monday morning, and I would like to use the camera for one more week (until the following Monday).  I would go to the online checkout request form, fill out my personal information, and select the Re-checkout option.  Next, I would pick the “Digital SLR Camera For Off Campus Use” option.


What if you need a fresh battery for your checkout camera?


  • Just take the checkout camera to room 572 "The Cage" and ask for a freshly charged battery.  They will swap out batteries.




  • All requests must be submitted through the Online Checkout Request Forms (links at top of page) in advance.  In the event of an internet failure or if accommodations need to be made, then a paper form will be provided at “The Cage”, room 572.
  • The form is a request.  It is not a guarantee.  Equipment  is not guaranteed unless you have verbal confirmation from the lab tech, student worker, or intern.
  • Here is the procedure to fill out the form:
  • Click on the appropriate link at the top of the page.
  • Student’s personal information must be filled out completely.  If something is missing or inaccurate, then the request will be denied.
  • If you have questions about the proper name of an item, ask your instructor or the Photography Lab Technician.


It’s Your Responsibility!


  • Your equipment is due in room 572 at the start of your class period on the due date.  This includes equipment that you already requested a “Re-checkout” for.  If it isn’t there at that time, It’s late.  See the Late Penalties at the bottom of this page.  For evening classes, your equipment is due at the classroom.  For evening classes, the class instructor will inspect the equipment in the classroom including “Re-checkout” requests.
  • Even if you requested a Re-Checkout of your equipment, the person managing “The Cage”, Room 572, must physically inspect the equipment before you can use it again.  For evening classes, your instructor can inspect the equipment.
  • If a camera needs to have the battery swapped for a fresh one, then make sure the camera is delivered to 572.  For evening classes, the fresh battery will be waiting for you at the classroom.
  • At the time of checkout, you will have to sign a form stating that you understand that you are responsible for the equipment.  You will also be shown the monetary value of the equipment.  If the equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen, then you are responsible for paying for that monetary value.


A Re-Checkout Will Be Denied When...


  • Upon inspection, a problem has been found with the equipment.
  • If other students have asked for the same equipment on the wait-list form located next to the 572 roll-up door.
  • If your class has reached it’s quota on that specific equipment.


Picking up Checkout Equipment:


  • Equipment that was properly listed on the Checkout Request Form and approved, will be processed as soon as possible.
  • Once your request has been approved and is ready, you will get an email saying that you can come to the Dutch Door at Room 572 for pickup.
  • Students can pick up the equipment from room 572, “The Cage” only after the class requests have been processed.
  • You must have your Student ID with you to pick up equipment!


To Be Completed By Lab Tech, Student Worker, or Intern:


  • When releasing equipment to students, staff, or instructors, please make sure the equipment is checked out in the Studio Suite Software Program, the rental form is printed out, and signed by the user.
  • Place the printed form in the appropriate section under the instructor’s name of the Current Checkout Records And Rosters binder when filled out.
  • When checking in equipment, please locate the copy of their form in the binder, verify that everything checked out is returned including all items dedicated to a specific kit, and mark the returned items by using initials and date.
  • If equipment is being re-checked out, then update the due date in the Studio Suite Software Program, write in the new due date on the form in the Current Checkout Records and Rosters binder, and initial next to the new due date date.
  • Once the equipment has been completely checked in, then move the student’s form to the Returned Check-Out Equipment Forms binder.  Also, be sure to update the Studio Suite Software accordingly.


Late Equipment, Equipment Mis-use, Abuse, Damage, and Penalties:


  • The first time a student does NOT return equipment on time, the student is issued a warning, and the violation is documented in the Current Checkout Records and Rosters binder.  The only exceptions would be for a student who had a verified illness with a doctor’s note or a documented family emergency.  However, if there is a pattern of illness or family emergencies, the equipment in question will have to be returned so that other students can use it.
  • A second violation will result in having off-campus checkout privileges revoked for the rest of the semester.  A student could still checkout equipment on campus for use during class or enrolled lab.
  • Any instance of mis-use, damage, or abuse may result in a loss of checkout privileges for all equipment.
  • The student assumes all responsibility for all equipment that is lost, stolen, broken, damaged, or not returned.  The student must financially compensate the SWC Photography & Digital Imaging Program for the loss or repair.
  • Failure to compensate SWC Photography & Digital Imaging Program will result in the following:


  • Student’s records will be on hold until the matter is resolved.  A student can not receive transcripts with this hold.
  • Student will not be able to enroll in future classes at SWC until the matter is resolved.
  • Since the equipment is property of the state of California, the student can not collect on an income tax return or renew a driver’s license.


Printable Handout (PDF)

Checkout Policy Agreement Form

  • At the start of the semester, you will be required to read the policies on this page.
  • Then, you will sign a form stating that you understand all these policies, and agree to all of these policies.
  • You will need your SWC email, username, and password prior to being able to checkout equipment.
  • You will use Google Drive and Google Forms with your SWC account to fill out the Contact Information Form.  The link is in the yellow box to the right.  When clicking on this link, you will be asked to log into your SWC Google account before filling out the form.
  • At the start of the semester, you need to fill out the Contact Information Form with your current email, phone number, and address.  You can use one form for all your classes.
  • All of this information must be current in order to checkout equipment.
  • We must have a photograph of you on file in our database.

Contact Information Form

Must Be Filled Out Prior To Any Equipment Checkout

Questions about  SWC Photo & Digital Program?

Contact mtruitt@swccd.edu or jpickelle@swccd.edu