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Equipment Checkout


Off-Campus Equipment Checkout “Pick-Up” Process And Hours:


There is no equipment checkout available for summer 2021



Beginning Monday (8/23/21) Students can start submitting their student information and equipment checkout agreement HERE.

The only part that has changed here is that photo submission is required now.  Students, please take well-lit images with no hats or sunglasses. Returning Students will also need to submit a new photo. The student info only needs to be submitted once per semester and will include all Photo classes being taken.







Once students info is confirmed, they can start submitting requests for equipment.

If the student information has not been filled out and submitted prior to request your request will be denied.

The online request form is the same but requests will have deadlines this semester.










Pick Up / Drop Off Schedule


Week 8/23 -  8/27

For Remote Online Students, requests must be sent in by

Pick Up Dates:

  • Tuesday        Aug 24th, 8:30am-2:30pm
  • Really for Face To Face students
  • Thursday      Aug 26th, 8:30am-2:30pm
  • Send in your requests by 12:00pm on prior Tuesday
  • Friday            Aug 27th, 10:00am- 12:00pm
  • Send in your requests by 12:00pm on prior Wednesday


Week 8/30 -  9/3

For Remote Online Students, requests must be sent in by

Pick Up Dates:

  • Tuesday        Aug 31st, 8:30am-2:30pm
  • Send in your requests by 12:00pm on prior Friday
  • Thursday      Sept 2nd, 8:30am-2:30pm
  • Send in your requests by 12:00pm on prior Tuesday
  • Friday            Sept 3rd, 10:00am- 12:00pm
  • Send in your requests by 12:00pm on prior Wednesday


Changes to times for the remainder of the semester will be sent out/posted on sept 1st based on demand.




After the request has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email with the checkout form the day before pickup if the equipment is available. If the equipment is already checked out you will be informed of that also and placed on a waitlist.


Those who receive a confirmation email will also be provided a link in the email to select a checkout time slot. This is to avoid everyone coming to pick up at the same time and helps me to keep the equipment in the right order. The link will simply be to a list of times that the student puts their name down. So it’s a first come, first served situation for times.



In addition students will need to do the following in order to pick up equipment.

  • While on campus all students must wear a mask at all times.
  • All remote students only picking up equipment should only be on campus for no more than 15min.
  • If you are not feeling well, stay at home.
  • Any student not willing/able to come into the photo building to pick up equipment can email me chill@swccd.edu to arrange a parking lot H or Campus bus stop pick up.


Craig Hill

Instructional Lab Tech (Photo)

(619) 421-6700 ex 5436

Southwestern College




If a student does not have access to a car for pickup and can only arrive by walking or bus they can email me at chill@swccd.edu and I will arrange to meet them by the bus stop or school entrance at a time that works best. Campus police do not want anyone walking around or through campus so no one is to walk up to the H parking lot pickup point.



If you are returning equipment and also picking equipment up it can be done at the same time as stated above.




You need A Photo ID to pickup equipment!

Contact Information Form

Must Be Filled Out Prior To Any Equipment Checkout


Other Policies...


It’s Your Responsibility!


  • Your equipment is due  at the start of your class period on the due date.  This includes equipment that you already requested a “Re-checkout” for.  If it isn’t there at that time, It’s late.  See the Late Penalties at the bottom of this page.


A Re-Checkout Will Be Denied When...


  • Upon inspection, a problem has been found with the equipment.
  • If other students have asked for the same equipment on the wait-list form located next to the 572 roll-up door.
  • If your class has reached it’s quota on that specific equipment.


Picking up Checkout Equipment:


  • Equipment that was properly listed on the Checkout Request Form and approved, will be processed as soon as possible.
  • Once your request has been approved and is ready, you will get an email saying that you can come to the Dutch Door at Room 572 for pickup.
  • Students can pick up the equipment from room 572, “The Cage” only after the class requests have been processed.
  • You must have your Student ID with you to pick up equipment!


To Be Completed By Lab Tech, Student Worker, or Intern:


  • When releasing equipment to students, staff, or instructors, please make sure the equipment is checked out in the Studio Suite Software Program, the rental form is printed out, and signed by the user.
  • Place the printed form in the appropriate section under the instructor’s name of the Current Checkout Records And Rosters binder when filled out.
  • When checking in equipment, please locate the copy of their form in the binder, verify that everything checked out is returned including all items dedicated to a specific kit, and mark the returned items by using initials and date.
  • If equipment is being re-checked out, then update the due date in the Studio Suite Software Program, write in the new due date on the form in the Current Checkout Records and Rosters binder, and initial next to the new due date date.
  • Once the equipment has been completely checked in, then move the student’s form to the Returned Check-Out Equipment Forms binder.  Also, be sure to update the Studio Suite Software accordingly.


Late Equipment, Equipment Mis-use, Abuse, Damage, and Penalties:


  • The first time a student does NOT return equipment on time, the student is issued a warning, and the violation is documented in the Current Checkout Records and Rosters binder.  The only exceptions would be for a student who had a verified illness with a doctor’s note or a documented family emergency.  However, if there is a pattern of illness or family emergencies, the equipment in question will have to be returned so that other students can use it.
  • A second violation will result in having off-campus checkout privileges revoked for the rest of the semester.  A student could still checkout equipment on campus for use during class or enrolled lab.
  • Any instance of mis-use, damage, or abuse may result in a loss of checkout privileges for all equipment.
  • The student assumes all responsibility for all equipment that is lost, stolen, broken, damaged, or not returned.  The student must financially compensate the SWC Photography & Digital Imaging Program for the loss or repair.
  • Failure to compensate SWC Photography & Digital Imaging Program will result in the following:


  • Student’s records will be on hold until the matter is resolved.  A student can not receive transcripts with this hold.
  • Student will not be able to enroll in future classes at SWC until the matter is resolved.
  • Since the equipment is property of the state of California, the student can not collect on an income tax return or renew a driver’s license.


Questions about  SWC Photo & Digital Program?

Contact mtruitt@swccd.edu or jpickelle@swccd.edu