SWC Photo & Digital


Student Lockers

  • Lockers are available for students during the semester.  For more information, see our lockers policies.


Classrooms / Computer Labs

  • There are 3 classrooms that also function as computer labs.
  • We are a Mac computer based facility.  Our classrooms contain 22-24 student computer workstations.
  • Various scanners for 35mm, Medium Format, & up to 8”x10” film.



  • 12 enlarger B&W darkroom


Multipurpose Room (Wet / Messy Area)

  • Film Development, Print Drying, Alternative Chemical Processes
  • Includes two 25”x36” UV exposure units.


Digital Printing & Viewing

  • Archival Ink Jet Printing by Epson Printers.  We can print a variety of sizes of sheet paper and roll paper.  We can print up to 44’ wide.  Roll paper printing is available upon request.
  • There is 17” Epson 3880 in each  of the 3 classrooms.
  • There are three printers ready to print 8.5”x11” in the digital printing room.  These are Epson 4800, 4880, and 4900.
  • There are two large format printers:  an Canon IPF6400 (up to 24” wide) and a Canon IPF8400 (up to 44” wide).
  • We have a color correct GTI print viewing station in each classroom and a large GTI wall unit in the digital printing room.
  • Our printers are attached to ASUS PA246Q monitors with P-IPS panels that provide 98% of Adobe RGB coverage for soft-proofing and color correction purposes.


Print Finishing

  • Mounting and Matting Equipment


Checkout Equipment

There are various items for checkout including cameras, flashes and tripods.  Equipment checkout and access is determined by your class enrollment.  See instructor for details.


Dressing Room

  • Preparation for studio projects.



  • Our studio is one large room that can be separated into 4 separate areas.  One of these areas includes the storage for items such as strobes, light stands, posing tables and stools, light modifiers, etc.  The other 3 areas are independent lighting bays divided by light-tight curtains.
  • Each of the 3 lighting bays can utilize 4 strobes or a variety of continuous hot-lights.
  • Each of the 3 lighting bays includes an Apple MacPro computer setup with wireless tethering capabilities for a digital SLR.
  • 2 of the lighting bays are equipped with a built-in cove wall.
  • There are 4 motorized backdrop rollers that are controlled independently.


Main Entrance / Lockers

Art 207 being taught in the 574 classroom.

573 Classroom

573 Classroom

Dressing Room


Questions about  SWC Photo & Digital Program?

Contact mtruitt@swccd.edu or jpickelle@swccd.edu