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Danielle Guimond Clark


Danielle Guimond Clark


Last attend Southwestern College:   Summer of 2005.


Education:  Transferred to SDSU and completed her B.A. in Art Education in 2008.


Employment:  Teaches art and photography at Zamorano Fine Arts Academy & freelance photography and art business at www.kyndevibes.com.


How did the SWC Art Department and the SWC Photography & Digital Program help you get to where you are now?


“The art professors at SWC helped prepare me to become an artist and entrepreneur by encouraging me to think outside the box, and giving me


the tools to apply my curiosity.”


Any advice to students?


“Always shoot high.  You are meant to do what you love.  If you love art, become the artist within.”


Anything Else?


“My true love is darkroom photography.”




I am Danielle Guimond Clark and I am a San Diego native.  I currently teach art along with darkroom and digital photography in Southeast San Diego.  I had always felt a connection with the visual arts.  When I was ten years old, my father taught me how to use his old 35mm Canon AE-1.  From that day on, the camera became my tool for self expression and my creativity began to blossom.  I find photography intriguing because of it's natural ability to quietly borrow moments of time.  I am a photographer and freelance artist who is on a constant quest for learning and applying new techniques to my craft.  My passions range from printing black and white photos in the darkroom to photo transfers onto textiles; clay wall hangings and imprinted wood collages, as well as jewelry crafting.  My inspirations stem from the diverse cultures, places and people that I have connected and crossed paths with throughout my journey.  I find beauty in each conversation and moment I share with my subjects.  While traveling provides harmony and balance to my life, creating art is what keeps me grounded.  As my work continues to evolve through each new experience, I try to maintain a positive focus as I embrace and spread da kyndevibes.


For more information:  www.kyndevibes.com




















Mujer de Maya

Photo transfer on wood, mixed media, 7x7 in.

Antigua, Guatemala, 2008


Wat Bayon

Photo transfer on wood, mixed media, 12x14 in.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia, 2007


Smiling Buddha

Photo transfer on wood, mixed media, 12x14 in.

Sukothai, Thailand, 2007


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