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Digital Printing Policies


There is no Printing for Fall 2021 due to the pandemic.


Printing Tutorials

Basic Sheet Paper Printing Handout


SWC Photo & Digital Printing Policies:


  • The printers in the 52 building  are available for students enrolled in SWC Photography, Graphic Design, Art, and Digital Art classes.
  • Access to these printers is during your scheduled class period and the Art 138L, 192L, Art 205L, 206L, 207L, 210L, 211L, 213L, 216L, 214 series, and 215 series sections.
  • All documents printed at the SWC 52 building are for class assignment purposes only.
  • If a print problem occurs, ask an instructor, Micajah Truitt, John Pickelle, or Craig Hill to check it out.  Do not try to fix the print problem on your own.
  • If you wish to make larger prints, you must sign up for the 6400 or 8400 ink jet printer, and contact Craig Hill to verify available printing times.  Only approved students can use the printers themselves.  All others must make an appointment to print under supervision of an instructor or Carlos Richardson.


Laser Printers:


  • The Laser printers in the 52 building are currently free to print class projects.  Please do not abuse printing privileges so that we can continue to offer this service for free.


Ink Jet Printing (Print Allowance For Regular Classes):


  • Students enrolled in regular classes will be able to print within the allowed amount and size for that class.  See your instructor or Craig Hill or details.
  • If the computers connected to the printers are not logged in, ask an instructor or Craig Hill to login to use the computers.
  • The computers attached to the printers are for ink jet printing and soft-proofing only.  Do not do additional work on these computers.
  • Please send your all of your images to print at the same time.  Consult the handouts and posters on printing for the various printers for instructions.
  • Your “image size” must include any border that you want to see in the final print.


Pay For Print:

  • You must pay for your prints prior to printing.
  • All payments must be done through the Cashier's Office in the Cesar Chavez building.
  • Pay For Print must be done at the time of printing on that specific day.  For example, if a student wants to make 5 prints, they must pay for all prints and make all 5 prints that day.  They cannot pay for 5 on 1 day but just print 1 print. There are no credits.
  • Anyone using Pay For Print will go to the Cage and get a print voucher that lists what the person will print that day.  The person will take the print voucher to the Cashier’s Office and make payment.  The person will bring the receipt back to the cage.  After that, the person can be logged to print.
  • Pay For Print covers anything beyond the allowance listed above.
  • If a student uses up their allowance, any additional printing will have to be covered through “Pay For Print”.  No exceptions.
  • If you would like to bring in your own paper, then make arrangements to print supervised with your instructor, lab instructor or Craig Hill.
  • For 8.5” x 11” size sheet paper, the ink only price is $.75.  See Craig Hill for ink only pricing on larger papers.
  • You are responsible for your own color profiles.  If the color profile is not available on the computer, then contact Craig Hill about making an appointment to profile your paper or install canned profiles.  This may take several days depending on availability.
  • You must pay for ink use on all prints including profiling and test prints.


Paper Choices:


Arista Luster II (same as Epson Premium Luster)

  • Normal paper for photographic quality prints
  • Normal paper for color photographs


Roll Paper Printing

  • We cannot realistically print the entire width of the paper.
  • When sizing your image for print, leave at least .25” on each side of the image.  For example, on 24” wide paper, the max printable area is realistically 23.5”.


Roll Paper Related

  • Plan on extra time when doing roll paper printing.
  • Arrange a time to print with your class instructor, lab instructor, or Craig Hill in advance of your due date.
  • Your print price is based on the print size that the image fits into.  For example, an image to printed at 21” x 24” would cost $11.00


Borderless Printing on 8.5x11

  • We can print borderless on our Epson 3880, Canon Pro-1,  and Canon Pro-1000 printers.  Ask for details.



Questions about  SWC Photo & Digital Program?

Contact mtruitt@swccd.edu or jpickelle@swccd.edu