Extra Stuff

Here are a few computer projects I have been working on.

Collision and Conservation of Momentum


Electric Field

electric field with four charges 3d

electric field with four charges 2d

electric dipole

Forced Oscillations

forced oscillation

Simple and Rotating Pendulum

rotating pendulum

Simple Harmonic Oscillation of Spring and Mass

spring mass oscillations


waves sinusoidal

waves phase

Source Codes

The programs can be run on the iOS Simulator that comes with XCode (free from the Apple App Store, size: 1.65GB) on a Mac computer. Currently the programs can be run on an iPad/iPhone only if you are in the Apple Developer Program and have obtained the required certificates to run test softwares.

xcode view

Compressed source codes (129MB)

The source codes are free to download and modify for education purposes. I reserve the copyrights to the codes. Please contact me for permission if you wish to share or distribute the files or modify the codes for commercial purposes.

The background image (skybox) used in the some of the programs came from sample codes of the book: Learning OpenGL ES for iOS (2012, 1st ed.) by Buck, E., Addison-Wesley Professional.